Children’s Parties

Although the Segway i2 is a major labour saving device, we have found here at Segway Southwest it’s also a lot of fun-especially when young adults and children are involved!

Capable of carrying children from age 10 upwards, providing they meet certain height and weight requirements, the Segway is bringing a lot of smiles to Birthday Parties, Proms and special events in the Southwest.


Why not book us for a lot of Segway Smiles. Providing you can book a large area (around 25×25 metres) preferably on tarmac, or similar flat surface, a playground or church hall even, we can provide the entertainment.

New for 2013

We can now offer Birthday Tours and Games at Haldon Forest for up to 16 people. Why not come along as your favourite characters/movie stars for a great Photo Opportunity!


We also supply helmets, and full training one to one for a variety of fun including:

Segway Slalom Steer your Segway around the cones and back to the start in under 2 minutes!

Segway Relay Challenge your opposite team members to complete the course before you do!

Kiss the bottle Navigate your Segway around the track and bring to a halt without knocking the bottles over!

Segway Jousting Using the “Nerf” Guns try to score your opponents chest-Joust style!

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